Q: Who can apply for a new water service connection?

A: The owner of the property where the service connection will be installed, or his/her authorized representative, may file the application at the Solano Water Business Area office that has jurisdiction over the property.

Q: How do I check for plumbing leaks? (after the meter)

A: To check for leaks, close all water outlets, faucets, inside your property or the gate valve AFTER the meter and observe your water meter. If the water meter continues to move then there may be an underground leak within your water/plumbing system. Contact a plumber who can investigate and fix the leak.

Q: Why does my water bill increase abruptly?

A: Among the reasons for abrupt increases in water billings are:

  • Increase in the number of users under the account
  • A leak after the water meter
  • Unmonitored water usage or consumption
  • Erroneous reading by the water meter reader
  • Interchanged water meters during replacement or installation activities
  • Defective water meter

Q: What will I do if I have a question about my water  bill? How do I contest my water bill?

A: Please visit our office. Our customer service representatives will assist you.

A protested bill/s shall be partially paid based either on the previous month’s billing equivalent to 50% of the amount of the bill being protested, whichever is lower. Please note that water bills are considered valid if no complaint is raised within 60 days upon the bill’s generation